About Amy

Amy Ronhovde is a mixed-media visual artist. Amy is inspired & fascinated by the continual tug-of-war between Human Nature & Human Culture. Common themes in her work include Creation/Destruction, Religion/Free Will, & the Interpretation of Dreams & Music.

She considers herself a modern-day Surrealist. She creates art pieces from dolls to clothing to books, buttons, collages, and paintings. When she paints it is abstract, but not so abstract that the message is lost. She is a great fan of the subversive. She also enjoys digital painting along with traditional painting. She’s an amateur photographer and she uses her photographs to create vivid digital photomanipulation pieces.

She is a member of The Art House Co-Op based in Brooklyn NY, & her work has shown in Los Angeles, NYC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, & Phoenix. She has fans, collectors, and customers around the globe (Hi Canada and Australia!). Amy is Director of PR for Rockstar Guitar School and she occasionally teaches Humanities online for Brookline College. She lives happily in Peoria, AZ, USA with her musician husband Torey & their 7 cats, Opal, Lola, Shiloh, Ty, Zoe Bowie, Chloe, and Xavier. For more information about Amy (she’s all over the web!) and her art, check her out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AmyRonhovdeArt, visit her DeviantArt Gallery atwww.amycreates.deviantart.com/gallery/ and shop her handmade goods at www.amycreates.etsy.com.


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